Main description

A talented aircraft

The AS550 C3e Fennec is Airbus Helicopters’ 2-ton class answer to Armed Forces requirements. Easy to operate in extreme and harsh conditions, this Armed Scout helicopter combines safety and performance.

A very small footprint,
providing low detectability

Incredibly manoeuvrable and agile, the Fennec is perfectly designed to perform combat flight (nap of the earth - NOE). The Fennec is naturally stealth and NOE increases its protection against military threat.



The SAWS includes:

  • A multipurpose mission computer
  • An EO/IR with Infra Red camera, TV and laser range finder for observation, acquisition and tracking of targets
  • A ballistic targeting system based on a Helmet Mounted Sight and Display (option)
  • Two multi purpose weapon carriers with slaving units and release units
  • A choice of weapon: gunpod, unguided and guided rockets and air-to-ground missiles

EOS (Electro-Optic System)

  • 20 mm cannon pod
  • 12.7 mm machine-gun pod

Guided missiles

  • 12-tube rocket launcher
  • 7-tube rocket launcher

Passenger transportation 1 pilot + 5 passengers (standard version)
1 pilot + 4 passengers (comfort version)
Troop transportation 1 pilot + 4 soldiers
Casualty evacuation 1 pilot + 1 stretcher patient + 2 doctors

Maximum take-off weigh 2,250 kg 4,960 lb
MTOW with jettisonable armament 2,450 kg  5,401 lb
Maximum take-off weight with external load 2,800 kg  6,172 lb
Empty weight
1,265 kg  2,789 lb
Useful load 985 kg  2,171 lb
Maximum cargo-swing load 1,400 kg  3,086 lb
Standard fuel capacity 426 kg  939 lb
Take-off power 632 kW   847 shp

Maximum speed (Vne) 287 km per hr 155 kts
Fast cruise speed (at MCP) 248 km per /hr 134 kts
Recommended cruise speed 208 km per hr 112 kts
Rate of climb
9,8 m per sec 1,935 ft per min
Service ceiling 7,000 m 23,000 ft
Hover ceiling OGE at ISA, MTOW, take-off power 3,383 m 11,100 ft
Maximum range without reserve at Recommended Cruise Speed 600 km 351 nm
Endurance without reserve at 100 km per hr-54 kts > 4h

Ecureuil / Fennec family:

  • 4,890 delivered, over 22 million flight hours, some 1,600 customers in 110 countries, fleet leader 30,400 flying hours
  • 400 military helicopters already ordered by 44 armed forces in 35 countries