Main description

The All-Weather,
Multi-Role Force Multiplier
The AS565 MB is the naval version of the Panther family of helicopters. This all-weather, multi-role light helicopter can be operated from ship decks or offshore to cover a vast array of naval missions  such as maritime surveillance, search  and rescue (SAR), casualty evacuation,  vertical replenishment, offshore patrolling and counter-terrorism. The  AS565 MB is the ideal complementary  asset for anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and anti-surface warfare (ASuW) tasks, such as submarine and surface target  destruction: It can launch its own torpedoes and provide Over-the-Horizon Targeting (OTHT) to surface ships.


  • Characteristics


    Empty weight, standard aircraft 2,380 kg / 5,247 lbs
    Useful load
    1,920 kg / 4,233 lbs
    Max gross-weight
    4,300 kg / 9,480 lbs
    Max cargo slind load
    1,600 kg / 3,527 lbs
    Maximum operational weight in external load configuration
    4,300 kg / 9,480 lbs
    Maximum speed at MTOW
    287 km per hr / 155 kts
    Maximum range (standard fuel)
    792 km / 427 NM
    Maximum endurance (standard fuel)
    4.1 hrs