Main description

The AS532 AL is a long version of the COUGAR family.
The AS532 AL is fitted with two Turbomeca Makila 1a1 turboshaft engines and a “new avionics” glass cockpit. It can carry up to 25 combat ready troops, and can be equipped with pod-mounted cannons, rocket-launchers or side firing cannon. This helicopter is capable of performing troops transport, search and rescue, medical evacuation, airlift, and fire support missions.






Empty weight, standard aircraft
(including engine oil & unusable fuel)
4,610 kg 10,160 lb
Useful load 4,930 kg
9,680 lb
Maximum all-up weight 9,000 kg
19,840 lb
Maximum cargo-sling load 4,500 kg
9,920 lb
 Maximum all-up weight
in external load configuration
9,350 kg
20,615 lb

Note: Empty weight accuracy: within + 2%

Maximum speed, VNE (Never Exceed Speed) 278 km/h
150 kts
Fast Cruise speed at MCP (Max Continuous Power) 258 km/h 139 kts
Rate of climb (85kt, 2 engines at MCP) 7.2 m/s
1,417 ft/min
Service ceiling (Rate-of-climb : 0,508m/s 100 ft/mn) 3,450 m
11,319 ft
Hover ceiling In Ground Effect (IGE) 2,800 m
9,196 ft
Hover ceiling Out of Ground Effect (OGE) 1,650 m
5,413 ft
Maximum range with standard tank  776 km
4,194 m

 At Max Gross Weight, at Sea Level (SL), in International Standard Atmosphere (ISA) and zero wind condition.


Maximum emergency power (OEI 30”) 1,400 kW
1,877 shp
Intermediate emergency power (OEI 2’) 1,330 kW
1,783 shp
Take-off power 1,357 kW
1,819 shp
Maximum continuous power 1,185 kW
1,588 shp

Power per engine, in standard atmosphere, at sea level