Main description


The EC725 is Designed for the most demanding missions, a combat proven multi-role helicopter.

Introduced in 2005, the EC725 has seen combat service worldwide, including in Afghanistan.
Evolved from experience gained with the Cougar family, the EC725 is the latest version of this medium lift (11-ton class) helicopter.
The EC725 has operated from ships and ashore.
It is a truly multi-purpose, versatile military asset.


The EC725 is suited to operations in all environments

from - 45┬░C (- 49┬░F) up to + 50┬░C (122┬░F).


Fast cruise speed (at MTOW) 262 km per hr / 141 kts
Maximum endurance
6.30 hrs not including Air to Air Refuelling capability
Maximum range (at 5,000 ft)
1,339 km / 723 nm

Useful load
5,337 kg / 11,764 lbs
Max gross weight
11,000 kg / 24,250 lbs
Maximum operational weight with external load
11,200 kg / 24,700 lbs
Max cargo sling load
4,750 kg / 10,472 lbs


2 Turbomeca Makila 2A1
Maximum emergency power (O.E.I)
1,776 kW / 2,382 shp

The data set forth in this document is for information purposes only, and may vary with conditions. For performance data and operating limitations, reference see approved flight manual and all appropriate documents. November 2009.