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Main description

EC130 T2 Roomy, Silent
and A Smooth Ride

The EC130 T2 is a light single-engine helicopter including all the latest technology and a roomy modular cabin that can accommodate 1 pilot plus up to 7 passengers.
It is the quietest helicopter on the market: its Fenestron® tail rotor and automatic variable rotor speed control result in a significantly reduced external sound level.


The EC130 T2’s components are common with the Airbus Helicopters light helicopter range, ensuring areliable, high performance aircraft.Its proven technology and simple design provide operators with an extremely high rate of availability.

The value of experience
The Ecureuil family

The EC130 has evolved from the vast experience accumulated by approximately 220 operators, with some 410 helicopters have been ordered in 50 countries.  In service EC130 rotorcraft have logged more than 820,000 hours and the fleet leader has flown 14,500 hours.

The EC130 T2’s components are common with Airbus Helicopters' light aircraft range, ensuring a reliable, high performance rotorcraft.

Its proven technology and simple design provide operators with an extremely high availability rate.

Passenger transportation 1 pilot + 6 passengers in standard or Stylence® configuration
1 pilot + 7 passengers in “8 seats layout” configuration
Casualty evacuation 1 pilot + 1 or 2 stretchers + 2 medical attendants
2 pilots + 1 stretcher + 2 medical attendants
Cargo transportation  1 pilot + 3.7 m3 (130.7 ft3) load cabin
Maximum take-off weight 2,500 kg   5,512 lb
Maximum take-off weight with external load 3,050 kg   6,724 lb
Empty weight, standard aircarft 1,412 kg   3,113 lb
Useful load 1,088 kg   2,399 lb
Maximum cargo sling load 1,500 kg   3,307 lb

Standard fuel capacity

426 kg   939 lb
1 Turbomeca Arriel 2D turbine engine
Take-off power 710 kW 952 shp
Maximum Continuous Power 638 kW 856 shp
Performance at Max. TAKE-OFF WEIGHT (ISA, SEA LEVEL)
Maximum speed (VNE) 287 km/h 155 kts
Fast cruise speed at MCP 236 km/hr 127 kts
Rate of climb 8.0 m/s 1,600 ft/min
Hover ceiling OGE at take-off power 2,950 m 9,675 ft*
Range without fuel reserve, at fast cruise speed,with standard tanks 606 km 327 nm
Endurance (without reserve) 4 hr 00 min

* Performance demonstrated for 2,465 kg (5,434 lb)

Operation Limitations
Maximum operating altitude 7,010 m (PA) 23, 000 ft (PA)
Minimum temperature - 40° C - 40° F
Maximum temperature ISA + 35°C (limited to 50°C) / ISA + 95°F (limited to 122°F)

AVCS: Active Vibration Control System
CAI: Computer Aided Instruction
CBT: Computed Based Training
EMS: emergency medical services
FADEC: Full Authority Digital Engine Control
GPS: Global Positioning System
ICAO: International Civil Aviation Organization
LCD: Liquid crystal display
OGE: Hover Out Of Ground Effect
PA: Pressure Altitude
VEMD: Vehicle Engine Monitoring Display
VNE: Never Exceed Speed