Customisation and Retrofit


Customisation and Retrofit

From design concept through all stages of manufacture and installation our dedicated turnkey development centre transforms customer requirements into bespoke high quality solutions.
With integrated project and supply chain management, every aspect of your solution is closely managed by Airbus Helicopters UK. Part identification, supplier selection and order management is all undertaken by the team ensuring the initialised project is brought to a successful ending.
A highly skilled team of mechanical and avionic engineers bring each design into fruition. Utilising our extensive avionic and metal workshops on site fabrication and assembly of wiring harnesses, composite and metal components is completed with every step of the project being closely monitored to meet our exacting quality standards.
The team has completed over 1200 projects from complex prototype development, retrofit and series production to a diverse range of customers globally.

Flight Test

In association with the customisation and retrofit team, our two Test Pilots (ETPS/EPNER) and Flight Test Engineer (ETPS) carry out a wide range of activities to gather and analyse data enabling project certifications.
These comprise of:
Handling / Performance Flight Test
Avionics & Mission Systems Flight Test
NVG Flight Test
Sensor Vibratory Environment Analysis
Data Analysis
Human Factors & Ergonomic Assessment
Civil & Military Flight Test Approvals

Life Cycle Support

Airbus Helicopters UK not only delivers complex solutions but prides itself on serving our customers world wide with continued through-life support for the solution.
Industry experts and comprehensive technical publications are on hand for each delivered solution ensuring long term product integrity.