EC225 Simulator

Flight Simulator“Welcome to the real world of Airbus Helicopters simulation!"

The Simulator creates a full scale replica of the EC225 cockpit, with its specific flight controls, 264 simulated malfunctions, 8 full HD projectors, FLIR and NVGcompatible visual database.
It guarantees the most representative synthetic environment and the latest aircraft configuration with through life upgrades based on EC data packages.
The Simulator creates a realistic experience through the full floor 3 axis vibration platform and its motion system of 6 degrees of freedom, which uses 6 electro pneumatic actuators with a 36 inch stroke.
Trainees benefit from an Advanced Debriefing Station to replay the training session for an improved learning.
Simulator availability and reliability is warranted with an on-site Technical Support from the manufacturer.


Innovation of the EC225 FFS in Aberdeen

Flight Simulator Flight SimulatorFlight Simulator 

New design of visual projection with an extra bank of projectors below the cockpit, providing:

  • -50°Field of View (FoV) below the horizon to give a real“look down” capability for SAR, Night Helideck landingtraining, Hover taxiing etc
  • +30 degrees FoV above the horizon giving a massive80°degrees Vertical Field of View overall
  • 210 degrees FoV horizontallyLocal access to high quality, cost-effective, dual-certifiedsimulator training providing training credits awarded toboth FFS Level B and FTD Level 3 FSTDs.

Get your simulator hours at the market price, while beingtrained on the latest OEM data package including fullengine (Turbomeca) FADEC data plus Airbus Helicopters FlightLoop and Advanced Autopilot.

  • Local affordable training
  • No negative training risk

Perfect for Mission training: Offshore, Search & Rescue and Police Realistic mission training

  • Night helideck landings including new ICAO standardgreen helideck lighting for the first time available inoffshore simulation.
  • Fully modelled oil platforms at correct Lat/Longs forNorth Sea: 80 platforms!
  • FLIR and NVG-compatible cockpit for comprehensivemission training session

 Dedicated FLIR trainer:

  • In conjunction with the simulator, the FLIR trainerprovides complete crew FLIR training.
  • This includes mastering techniques such as GeostaticLock and Target Tracking in harmony with the aircraftmovement in the FFS; it is fully linked into the visualdatabase.

An advanced debriefing station

  • A unique stand-alone flight debriefing tool, allowing forconstructive debriefing of key learning points in a calmand quiet environment away from the simulator
  • Event playback ensures that the right lessons arelearned, thus improving training effectiveness and flightsafety

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