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Main description

This aircraft is a proven light twin helicopter featuring the latest advancements in technology, unparalleled reliability, and efficient operating costs.
From the outside it looks like a new species of bird: svelte, imaginary, futuristic. The interior is as impeccable as the lining of a Hermès jacket, down to the invisible stitching. It is covered throughout in materials as dependable as they are sensual.





The EC135 is perfectly suited for transporting passengers. The powerful and reliable engines provide outstanding performance and vital power reserves even in one-engine-inoperative scenarios.

Furthermore, the EC135 features other safety aspects such as energy absorbing fuselage and seats, and crash resistant fuel cells. State-of-the-art avionics considerably reduce pilot workload allowing them to focus on the mission.

The simple design of the EC135 allows fast and easy maintenance, ensuring that the aircraft has optimal dispatch availability. The new technology enable it to be flown safely and efficiently even in poor weather conditions.