Main description

The ultimate,
multi-role helicopter

In operations on land and at sea, the EC145 is at the top of its class in the mediumsized, twin-engine helicopter category. With up to 12 seats for pilots and passengers, this multi-mission helicopter combines Airbus Helicopters' latest developments such as advanced cockpit design, avionics and a sophisticated electrical system. The EC145 offers a proven hingeless rotor system with a monolithic titanium hub and enhanced rotor blades, which ensure low sound and vibration levels.





    EMS, Disaster Management and SAR Missions

    The EC145 offers unmatched visibility and a discreet sound level—6.7 dbA below ICAO limits—for effective EMS operations. The state-of the-art, IFR-equipped glass cockpit avionics display is compatible with nightvision goggles (NVGs), which means the EC145 is fully functional both night and day. The EC145 is also well-adapted to handle primary EMS missions and flying intensive care units. Its unobstructed cabin can accommodate two stretchers, three seated persons and all necessary medical equipment. Its rear clamshell doors allow easy straight-in loading of stretchers, while extra-wide side doors provide effortless access for attendants and crew. Different configurations of the EMS interior—each tailored to the specific range of missions—are available to fulfill customers’ requirements.

    Primary EMS missions

    The spacious cabin of the EC145 provides easy access for patients and medical crews.

    The medical equipment on board for treatments such as resuscitation (CPR) and endotracheal intubation enables medical crews to save lives during flight. Two large rear clamshell doors facilitate quick, easy and safe patient loading and unloading, even while the rotors are running.

    Secondary EMS missions

    The EC145 features exceptional capabilities for transferring patients from one hospital to another or for rapidly accessing accident sites. Its low vibration level and high flight stability provide working comfort for medical attendants and the best transport conditions for patients.
    The medical equipment and apparatus are modular and can be fitted without requiring special tools.

    Disaster management, SAR missions

    The EC145 is equipped with a high-performance rescue winch system featuring a lift capacity of 272 kg (600 lb) and a cable length of 90 m that guarantees rescue operations even in the most difficult conditions such as floods, earthquakes, landslides and heavy snowfalls.

    Outstanding performance and excellent stability—a “must” for rescue helicopters—make the EC145 the ideal helicopter for mountain rescue operations.