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Main description

A Versatile Multi-role helicopter, with designed-in mission capability and flexibility

The certified EC145 T2 is the newest 4-ton-class lightweight twin-engine helicopter in Airbus Helicopters’ product range. This is a “hot-and-high” evolution of the company’s multi-purpose EC145/BK117 family, and retains excellent performance levels throughout the flight envelope – even in extreme conditions.




  • One platform:
    a full range of missions

    The EC145 T2 provides a multitude of possibilities when it comes to deployment capability due to its power, advanced mission equipment, small footprint and large cabin size.


    From entry-into-service, this helicopter is qualified for single pilot/dual pilot operations under VFR day and night as well as IFR conditions including night vision goggle compatibility and provides excellent CAT A performance levels.

    Based on a platform that is recognized as a reference worldwide, the EC145 T2 is perfectly suited for:

    • Emergency medical services (EMS) missions
    • Law enforcement/parapublic duties

    A further choice of aircraft configurations allows unique adaptability in a wide range of dedicated applications in:

    • Business and commercial aviation
    • Aerial work (windmill maintenance, firefighting…)

    With its comprehensive state-of-the-art options, incomparable performance levels and complementary equipment for “quick role change,” the EC145 T2 is easily reconfigurable for such secondary missions as:

    • Search and rescue
    • Offshore/oil and gas passenger transport


    A helicopter that accomplishes the job, no matter what the mission