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The AS365 N3+ belongs to the Dauphin family, which is well known for its unique design.
This medium helicopter has proven its ability to perform any kind of mission, anywhere in the world. It even excels in the most severe climatic conditions, such as high altitudes or hot temperatures. The standard AS365 N3+ is fitted with the unique Airbus Helicopters 4-axis autopilot to ease crew workload and help simplify the most demanding missions, including Search and Rescue (SAR).

  • MissionsEMS and SAR Missions

    The AS365 N3+ features exceptional capabilities to transfer patients from one hospital to another or to rapidly access accident sites. In addition to flying at very high speeds, its high power reserve and excellent one-engine inoperative (OEI) performance make it a safe aircraft to fly over urban areas or to perform Search And Rescue operations in poor weather conditions. Its low vibration level and high flight stability provide working comfort for medical attendants and a smooth ride for patients. The AS365 N3+ is fitted with a digital four-axis autopilot and outstanding state-of-the-art avionics equipment (e.g. Flight Management System, GPS, radio suite, multi-mission display, weather radar) to safely perform missions in demanding climatic conditions.



    Fast, Modern
    and Safe

    The spacious cabin of the AS365 N3+ can easily accommodate all necessary medical equipment.

    It can be reconfigured within a few minutes to add a second stretcher, if necessary. The wide lateral access to the cabin makes both the loading and unloading of patients , as well as personnel access, quick and easy.

    The wide lateral access to the cabin, combined with the enlarged bubble sliding doors and the Category 1 rescue hoist, make the AS365 N3+ perfectly adapted to SAR operations.

    Electrical rescue hoist


    EMS equipment