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A talented aircraft

The AS550 C3e Fennec is Airbus Helicopters’ 2-ton class answer to Armed Forces requirements. Easy to operate in extreme and harsh conditions, this Armed Scout helicopter combines safety and performance.

A very small footprint,
providing low detectability

Incredibly manoeuvrable and agile, the Fennec is perfectly designed to perform combat flight (nap of the earth - NOE). The Fennec is naturally stealth and NOE increases its protection against military threat.

  • Missions

    Fitted with a powerful TURBOMECA Arriel 2D engine equipped with a dual channel Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC®)system this world altitude record holder (Mount Everest, 8,850m, May 2005) can perform extreme combat flight in high and hot conditions (The AS550 C3e is fully operational from the highest altitudes - 7,000 m / 23,000 ft- to the hottest sandy environments - + 50°C / 122°F). Its Vehicle and Engine Multifunction Display (VEMD®) provides accurate information concerning the performance and condition of aircraft, dramatically reducing the crew’s workload. One hundred percent focused on their missions, pilots will never miss out on any power and battle captains will always enjoy the best equipment and Weapon System available today on a combat helicopter of this size.

    Missions Missions Missions Missions

    The strongest Armed Scout helicopter of its class, the Fennec combines power, discretion and firing ability.

    Low Detectability

    Able to fly safely in the battlefield thanks to its slim silhouette, the Fennec emits a diminished radar signature through extensive use of composite materials as well as a low Infra-Red reflective paint.

    NOE Capability

    The Fennec behaves with an outstanding manoeuvrability when performing combat flight. Easy to fly and to fight it will forgive you a lot because of its high power reserve.

    The Fennec AS550 C3e is specially designed to fly air missions with the primary purpose of locating and attacking targets of opportunity. It relies on a very large array of qualities (stealth, power, simplicity and firing stability) to carry out demanding armed reconnaissance missions.

    Tracking armoured vehicles, it observes, identifies and reports while performing tough screening actions.

    This discreet but robust reconnaissance helicopter is able to solely destroy any threat or deliver it to the fires of friend attack helicopters.

    At ease through the entire operational spectrum, the Fennec safely escorts utility or attack helicopters leaving them the opportunity to remain focused on their own missions. Ready to answer any distress call from troops in contact (TIC), it will accurately fire with force.

    If armed reconnaissance is needed, the AS550 C3e Fennec’s ability to fire any kind of weapon will ensure hasty fire support for troops in contact and autonomous strong destruction.

    The Fennec has the greatest range in its category, which allows Tactical Air Control parties to effectively guide attack helicopters or Close Air Support (CAS) fixed wing aircraft to their targets from a roomy and very handy flying cabin.

    Command and control is easy and comfortable for any military on duty who appreciates night and day visibility and ergonomics. In this helicopter, there is no separation between the cockpit and the cabin, and the field of view is excellent, even from behind.

    Easy to fly at the highest limits, the Fennec provides safety to escorted friends (vehicles & helicopters).