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Proven, reliable
and truly multipurpose

The EC635, the military version of the EC135, is Airbus Helicopters’ 3-ton class, twin-engine rotorcraft. With its highly sophisticated observation equipment, long endurance, wide array of communication systems and large variety of armament, the EC635 is perfectly suited for the modern battlefield. The stealth and no-hear distance of the EC635 allow it to remain undetected throughout its mission – a crucial aspect for surveillance and reconnaissance operations. 

  • Missions

    The EC635 is the military counterpart of the EC135, a favorite worldwide. The EC635 builds upon this strong reference in terms of surveillance. Its compact size and low sound level make the EC635 a discreet ISTAR platform. Relying on an exhaustive kit of weaponry, this armed scout helicopter can perform missions on any end of the operational spectrum – armed reconnaissance, fire support to troops in contact (TIC), escort and destruction.

    The EC635 is a rapidly reconfigurable platform with an unmatched selection of options adapted to today’s battlefield requirements.

    The combination of TV, IR and NVG ensure that the EC635 can efficiently perform combat missions in adverse weather conditions day or night.

    Air-to-Ground missiles
    12 tube rocket launcher
    7 tube rocket launcher
    20 mm cannon pod
    12.7 mm machine gun pod



    The SAWS embeds:

    • A multipurpose mission computer
    • An EOS with IR/TV camera and laser range finder for observation and laser designator
    • A ballistic targeting system based on a HMSD
    • Two multi-purpose weapon carriers with slaving and release units
    • A choice of mixed weapon configuration

    Growth potential for :

    • laser-guided rockets
    • Air-to-Air missiles