Main description


The EC725 is Designed for the most demanding missions, a combat proven multi-role helicopter.

Introduced in 2005, the EC725 has seen combat service worldwide, including in Afghanistan.
Evolved from experience gained with the Cougar family, the EC725 is the latest version of this medium lift (11-ton class) helicopter.
The EC725 has operated from ships and ashore.
It is a truly multi-purpose, versatile military asset.

  • Combat SAR


    The most demanding missions

    Special Operations, Combat Search and rescue (SAR) and personal recovery missions require performance, precise navigation and survivability. In these, the EC725 is outstanding.
    The French Forces are successfully operating this rotorcraft in the harshest possible environment: Afghanistan. The EC725's demonstrated success in Afghanistan, reflects its excellent capabilities as a force multiplier - offering decisive tactical advantages to its operators.

    Mission requirements

    • All environments
           - All weather, including full icing conditions
           - Day and night with state of the art NVG compatibility
           - Sandy or maritime environment
    • Outstanding range
           - Up 700 nm without refuelling  
           - Air-to-air refuelling capability 
           - Hover In Flight Refuelling (HIFR) 
    • Cabin versatility
    • Easy and Fast recovery Systems