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Main description

A Versatile Multi-role helicopter, with designed-in mission capability and flexibility

The certified EC145 T2 is the newest 4-ton-class lightweight twin-engine helicopter in Airbus Helicopters’ product range. This is a “hot-and-high” evolution of the company’s multi-purpose EC145/BK117 family, and retains excellent performance levels throughout the flight envelope – even in extreme conditions.




Support & Services


A “maintenance-friendly” helicopter designed to reduce operating costs

The EC145 T2 is low-maintenance by design. Enhancements include the incorporation of new components designed with no shelf-life limits (e.g. the tail gear box and Fenestron® rotor), very high time-between-overhauls for dynamic components and the engine, and the setup of a Maturity Plan for reliability in service. As a result, the direct maintenance costs (DMC) of the mature aircraft will be 10 percent lower than the EC145.

The EC145 T2’s comprehensive support & service package builds upon Airbus Helicopters’ extensive experience gained with the BK117/EC145 helicopter family.

The helicopter’s efficient maintenance procedures optimize the intervals between periodic inspections, providing increased availability and reduced operating costs. In addition, the helicopter usage monitoring system (HUMS) keeps track of the health and usage of the main components and engines, resulting in better failure anticipation, further availability and cost-effective maintenance.

The EC145 T2 support & services package includes valuable features such as:

•    A Reduced Maintenance Workload

  - Optimized simultaneous maintenance (of airframe and engine) at
  scheduled     intervals.
  - Continuously improved maintenance based on operational feedback and a
  proactive Living Maintenance Review Board (MRB) process.

•    Technical Assistance

  - A dedicated technical help-desk available 24/7 for immediate support
  - A pool of Technical Representatives ready to be sent at Customers’ premises
  - Additional technical assistance on-site to support a smooth Entry
  Into-Service phase

•    Material Support and System & Software Support

  - A large number of common parts with EC145
  - Inventory of around 5500 Part Numbers for an optimal fleet availability
  - Software loading tool and kit package put at operators’ disposal (Customer
  self-loading capability)

•    Training

  - 4 instructor pilots available from day one at entry-into-service to lead pilot
   training courses at our training center or on customers’ sites
  - State-of-the-art classrooms equipped with computer-aided instruction
  - Technician training via an aircraft mockup and maintenance rigs
  - A Level D Full Flight Simulator (FFS) available beginning of 2016