Main description

Making the best even better!
The high-performance member of the Ecureuil family, the AS350 B3 outclasses all other single engine helicopters for performance, versatility, safety and competitive acquisition and maintenance costs. It excels in hot conditions and very high altitudes, and broke records when a standard production aircraft landed on the top of Mount Everest in 2005 (altitude: 29,029 ft / 8,848 m).

And the best keeps getting even better - Airbus Helicopters is taking this aircraft to a whole new level with the enhanced AS350 B3e.

Support for the Airbus Helicopters customer


At Airbus Helicopters, supporting your rotorcraft operations with the highest level of excellence is our priority.
We are dedicated to meeting our customers’ needs, whether it be maximizing flight revenues, ensuring public safety or saving lives. In order to provide customized services, we offer:

  • A worldwide service network of 30 customer centers and participations, more than 100 distributors, representatives, training centers, repair and overhaul facilities and maintenance centers around the globe, as well as logistic hubs in France, Hong Kong and the US.
  • Customer service centres in Europe, Asia and the US offering around-the-clock customer assistance, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to keep you in the skies.
  • A wide array of service solutions to meet all your needs in terms of technical support, component repair and overhaul, spare parts support, technical publications and training – at Airbus Helicopters facilities worldwide or at your location.



Easy maintenance


Daily inspections and final flight inspections
made by the pilot quickly and easily.


Comprehensive basic support

From the moment your aircraft is purchase, you can access all Airbus Helicopters services, such as:

  • Customer Service Centre
  • Initial Parts Provisioning
  • Warranty
  • Technical support
  • On-site technical assistance
  • Technical publications
  • Type rating for pilots and technicians.


Additional services

Airbus Helicopters can also provide the following services solutions:

Field service

Our field technicians are equipped with the latest diagnosis technology and are trained and qualified according to the most demanding qualification regulations.

Extended repair & overhaul

A large repair and overhaul network with one single interface to manage your maintenance, based on a unique technical know-how and our first class engineering made up of trained and highly qualified technicians.


Tailored support solutions

For AS350 B3e operators, Airbus Helicopters offers tailor-made services to match your operational requirements:

  • Guaranteed turnaround times will enable you to better schedule your maintenance
  • Standard exchange services to support your aircraft availability and inventory optimization.


Additional or Specific Training

From advanced training tools to full flight simulators:

  • CAI (Computer Aided Instruction) - A teaching tool fully FCL2 (pilots) and Part 147 (airframe mechanics T1-Avionics T2) compliant, specially designed for instructors.  Combined with classroom courses, the CAI will help reduce training time and significantly improve trainees’ skills.
  • CBT (Computer Based Training) - Self-training tool used on site and at your own schedule.

Mission-oriented training programs based on specific operations are also available, including:

  • Safety and survival training: How to assure a safe and efficient flight, in accordance with Appendix 1 paragraph OPS 3.965.
  • Survival and rescue training: How to survive and be located and rescued during harsh winter conditions.