Main description

The EC175: Airbus Helicopters’ new medium-sized twin-engine helicopter for demanding missions and cost-effective operations

Designed and optimized with feedback from operators

Extensive inputs from users, combined with the latest generation in computer-aided design and virtual simulation, were essential to Airbus Helicopters’ optimization of the EC175 helicopter.

· More volume available per seat, offering more comfort for passengers ...


  • Technology

    A powerful aircraft

    Confirmed by all customer pilots who have flown the EC175

    • Over 600 nautical-mile (NM) range with standard fuel tank
    • Six-hour endurance
    • Recommended cruise speed of 150 kts
    • .
    • Fast cruise speed approaching 160 kts.
    • Class 1 performance at MTOW ISA+20 on a 70 ft. platform

    The EC175 is fitted with two PT6C-67E Pratt and Whitney turboshaft engines:

    • Dual-channel FADEC
    • 30-second super emergency power

    The EC175 provides the best payload range per passenger/radius-of-action (RoA) in the medium-class helicopter range:

    • High comfort
      16-passenger RoA at 140 NM
    • Higher density
      18-passenger RoA at 105 NM
    • Long range
      18-passenger RoA at 105 NM