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Tailored for the most demanding operators, the EC225 is an 11-ton helicopter integrating all of the latest technological innovations.
The two Turbomeca MAKILA 2A1 engines, the main gear box and the 5-blade rotor give this machine the power for a high payload, a long range and a fast cruise speed, along with flight endurance that exceeds 5 hours and 30 minutes. Most of all, this aircraft meets the latest CS-29 amendments, including the 30-minute dry run demonstration for the main gear box.

  • Technology


    The EC255 has been designed to comply with the latest CS-29 amendments. It integrates all the latest technological innovations to comply with the most stringent technical and operational requirements for all types of missions. Thanks to the dual-channel FADEC, the TURBOMECA MAKILA 2A1 turboshaft engines deliver more power. The 5-blade rotor provides an exceptionally low vibration level, and the modular design of the mechanical assemblies allows for easier maintenance. This new generation helicopter also features significant advances in terms of man-machine interface.
    In addition, the First Limit Indicator displays the available power in any condition and the power margin in AEO (all engines operative) and OEI (one engine inoperative) situations.