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Proven, reliable
and truly multipurpose

The EC635, the military version of the EC135, is Airbus Helicopters’ 3-ton class, twin-engine rotorcraft. With its highly sophisticated observation equipment, long endurance, wide array of communication systems and large variety of armament, the EC635 is perfectly suited for the modern battlefield. The stealth and no-hear distance of the EC635 allow it to remain undetected throughout its mission – a crucial aspect for surveillance and reconnaissance operations. 


A wide array of cutting-edge technology allows the EC635 to have a digitalized view of the modern, fast-paced battlefield and to respond accurately and efficiently. From nose to tail, the EC635 demonstrates optimal defensive capacity and crew safety. Mechanically resilient, with redundant electrical, oil cooling and hydraulic systems as well as a large array of optional active and passive defensive equipment, the EC635 is a reference in survivability. The EC635 is built with crew and passenger safety in mind and as such, a crashworthy and energyabsorbing fuselage design is optimally applied.

TechnologyThe EC635 offers optimal performances, with a choice of two engine types: Pratt & Whitney Canada PW206B2 or Turbomeca ARRIUS 2B2. Both engine types feature Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) for optimized operation. FADEC greatly simplifies engine control and in addition ensures:

  • Optimum performance
    in all conditions

  • Engine protection
  • Engine monitoring.

TechnologyPratt & Whitney
Canada PW206B2



The Inlet Barrier Filter (IBF) protects the mechanical components of the EC635, extending their lifetime even in the roughest conditions.


In surveillance and reconnaissance missions, the wide range of COM/NAV equipment available, including tactical V/UHF radios and the SatCom system (as part of the integrated military communication suite) offer data transfer capabilities for exchanging surveillance or target data with other forces or UAVs. 





The light armour protection kit provides optimal ballistic protection for pilots and passengers:

  • Pilot seats and cockpit floor
  • Cabin floor
  • Cabin-cargo hold separation wall

TechnologyThe EC635 can be equipped with a full Electronic Warfare System (EWS) comprised of:

  • Missile approach warning system
  • Laser and radar sensor suite
  • Rechargeable, user-programmable,
    computer-controlled chaff and flare dispensers