Main description

The All-Weather,
Multi-Role Force Multiplier
The AS565 MBe is the naval version of the Panther family of helicopters. This all-weather, multi-role light helicopter can be operated from ship decks or offshore to cover a vast array of naval missions  such as maritime surveillance, search  and rescue (SAR), casualty evacuation,  vertical replenishment, offshore patrolling and counter-terrorism. The  AS565 MBe is the ideal complementary  asset for anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and anti-surface warfare (ASuW) tasks, such as submarine and surface target  destruction: It can launch its own torpedoes and provide Over-the-Horizon Targeting (OTHT) to surface ships.


  • Technology

    Increased Mission Performance and Reduced Crew Workload

    AS565 MBe helicopters feature Airbus Helicopters-designed technical advancements such as a modular mechanical assembly design and composite Starflex rotor heads, blades and airframe, all of which have led to a significant reduction in maintenance time and costs.

    The AS565 MBe incorporates the new generation, 100% composite Fenestron® tail rotor which provides high maneuverability, low external noise and optimal safety for passengers, ground and air crews. It is also equipped with a unique Flight Control System and Flight Management System from Airbus Helicopters’ heavy range of helicopters. These systems, developed specifically for helicopters, provide enhanced safety by tailoring failsafe modes to helicopter, not fixed wing aircraft, characteristics.