Main description


The EC725 is Designed for the most demanding missions, a combat proven multi-role helicopter.

Introduced in 2005, the EC725 has seen combat service worldwide, including in Afghanistan.
Evolved from experience gained with the Cougar family, the EC725 is the latest version of this medium lift (11-ton class) helicopter.
The EC725 has operated from ships and ashore.
It is a truly multi-purpose, versatile military asset.

  • Mission oriented cockpit avionicsTechnologies-cockpit 

    • Redundant human-machine interface

    • Full glass cockpit

    • LCD Multifunction 6”x8” Displays

    • NVG compatible

    • One single Flight & Navigation Display (FND) provides all flight parameters at a glance

    • Fully integrated display of digital maps, electronic warfare

    • The First Limit Indicator displays the available power in all situations