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Main description

EC130 T2 Roomy, Silent
and A Smooth Ride

The EC130 T2 is a light single-engine helicopter including all the latest technology and a roomy modular cabin that can accommodate 1 pilot plus up to 7 passengers.
It is the quietest helicopter on the market: its Fenestron® tail rotor and automatic variable rotor speed control result in a significantly reduced external sound level.

  • Technology

    The EC130 benefts from the proven experience of the Ecureuil family. It integrates Airbus Helicopters’ most advanced technology: the well-known Fenestron®, a dual-channel FADEC unit with a third independent and automatic channel for engine control and an automatic variable main rotor speed system to reduce external sound level. It is fully equipped with a VFR day and night navigation system (standard “ready to fly”package) associated with a VEMD® integrated instrument panel and a GPS map display. All these innovations make the EC130 the safest and the most high-tech aircraft in its category.


    Exclusive landing gear

    Improves aerodynamic effects and prevents ground resonance (patented design).

    Standard energy-absorbing seats

    for all crew and passengers.

    Composite main rotor blades

    • Highly resistant to impact damage
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Long service life limit

    TechnologyA quiet Fenestron®

    • Efficient
    • Powerful (demonstrated lateral flight at 47 kts)
    • Low vulnerability
    • High level of safety for ground personnel
    • Very low external sound level (7 Db below ICAO limit)
    • Easy maintenance
    • Highly resistant to impact damage


    Vehicle and Engine Multifunction Display (VEMD®)

    Full Duplex equipment offering a display of self-monitoring main engine and vehicle parameters at one glance on a full color LCD display, decreasing the pilot’s workload. VFR day radio-communication and navigation package including GPS, in the standard aircraft (“ready to fy”concept). The EC130 T2 is also capable of night VFR operations as equipped.

    STARFLEX® Main rotor head

    This proven and reliable component has an automatic variable speed control system that systematically adapts the rating of the main rotor to the fight phase in order to reduce the external sound level, without jeopardizing available power.