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The most discerning customers count on Airbus to meet their requirements for attention to detail, functionality, sophistication and performance – providing rotorcraft for operations that vary from liaison flights with government officials and very important passengers, to time-sensitive business trips and connections to resorts or yacht landing pads.


Light helicopters

The H120 offers unique capabilities for a light single-engine helicopter, merging the latest in safety technologies with ease of maintenance, low fuel consumption, and unmatched cabin and baggage volume. This rotorcraft also enjoys one of the lowest sound signatures available, along with a 397-nautical mile touring range and a stylish design.

Airbus Helicopters’ H125 is also a popular corporate choice, combining high performance and excellent safety with a 3-axis autopilot and a spacious cabin. The H125 is the world's record holder for performance at high altitude.

The H130 is the most modern, wide, silent and stylish light single-engine of the market. The aircraft has been strongly upgraded to incorporate a powerful engine, an AVCS, and improved air conditioning.

The twin-engine H135 brings low internal and external sound levels thanks to the Fenestron tail rotor. Its sliding doors make cabin access easy, while the large baggage compartment easily accommodates baggage of all sizes. For the ultimate in luxury, the H135 comes with a high-end interior designed and outfitted by Hermes. This interior not only features the French "savoir-faire" in luxury and elegance, but is also made of fabrics and leather to further soften noise and vibrations. Its compact size and high safety standard make it a perfect fit for small Super Yacht decks and landing in confined areas for adventurous explorers.

Airbus Helicopters’ twin-engine H145 incorporates either an automotive-inspired leather and wood interior, designed by Mercedes-Benz Style, or the highly modular Stylence version that can land just about anywhere. The H145 is the best fit for yacht operations thanks to its generous seating capacity, modularity, compact footprint and Fenestron® shrouded tail rotor. Sliding cabin doors make passenger entry and exit easy, and once airborne, the large windows offer stunning views. Low sound and vibration levels make the ride quiet and comfortable, while there is ample room for passenger’s bags, golf clubs, bicycles and even bigger equipment. There is also an advanced in-flight entertainment systems including airshow and subtle ambient lighting.

Medium helicopters

The H155 is the most popular VVIP rotorcraft thanks to a highly customizable luxurious interior with various seating possibilities. This aircraft combines the smoothest of rides with high cruise speeds, providing private owners and executive operators with the most comfortable flights – whether they be short hops or long-range trips.

Certainly the most modern and luxurious medium helicopter on the market, the H175 is setting new standards for private and business operations. Its jet-like cabin provides first-class comfort and ideal seating arrangements. The H175’s two high-end configurations – the 9- to 12-seat Executive and the 6- to 8-seat VIP, were designed in collaboration with Peder Eidsgaard of Pegasus Design, who brought a wealth of experience in designing super yachts and jets.

In addition, the H175 offers the quietest, smoothest-riding 12-seat cabin with its five-bladed main rotor, minimized bearing rotor head and superior soundproofing. Featuring more windows than walls, the rotorcraft provides panoramic views for all passengers. The VIP version will enter service in 2016.

Heavy helicopters

The H225 from Airbus Helicopters offers true presidential luxury. This long-range, high-performance aircraft is available with VVIP interiors that accommodate 8-to-12 passengers.

A range of galleys and washrooms also are offered, along with options for in-flight entertainment systems and business facilities.

The H225’s five-bladed rotor ensures the smoothest-possible ride – even at high cruise speeds – while the aircraft’s fully de-iced rotor system maximizes flight safety whatever the weather.