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Private and Business

For some, time is the most valuable commodity. For others, hands-on flying, the most dynamic aviation experience, is the commodity par excellence. Airbus Helicopters caters for the needs of both with the widest range of helicopters available on the market.

And that’s what makes Airbus Helicopters a natural choice for the UK market. In a country with a historic passion for aviation and where more than 1200 helicopters in operation make it the biggest European market, Airbus Helicopters can provide discerning customers with tailored solutions to all their needs.

From the popular H120, ideal for those keen to fly turbine helicopters and designed to meet the requirements of enthusiasts and small- to mid-scale travel requirements; to the H225, the 11 tonne aircraft, which works as an extension of the home or office, capable of long-range distances and the smoothest flight ensuring the highest levels of comfort; a quick consultation will provide guidance on the best aircraft for each customer’s respective needs.

Fly or be flown, the aviation experience or the efficient way of getting from A to B, luxury travel or an extension of the office. All these requirements are catered for, but not simply in the choice of helicopter. The bespoke helicopter solutions (hyperlink) provided by Airbus Helicopters, in addition to the design of customised fittings, puts the company as the partner of choice for the Private and Business customers.

Watch out for the arrival of the new member of the Airbus Helicopters product range, the new H160.


National Resilience

The H135 and H145 are the backbone of emergency services and national infrastructure across the globe. In the UK, these aircraft make up 75% of the police helicopter fleet, 60% of the air ambulance fleet and nearly half of the UK’s civil helicopter fleet.

As the company that designed and built these aircraft, Airbus Helicopters is able to provide operator organisations, including the National Police Air Service, a premium maintenance service which helps reduce the aircraft down-time and ensures that customers benefit from the highest number of flight hours per year.

Due to its tremendous flexibility and reliability, the H135 is now regarded as the most cost-effective, light twin-engined helicopter available to conduct essential utility operations for national electricity power-line and gas-line patrol work. In addition, the EC135 has been selected for off-shore wind-farm support.

Oil and Gas

The company’s fleet centre in Aberdeen, opened in 2011 to support Airbus Helicopters’ North Sea offshore aircraft, provides first class technical, logistics and training support to the local helicopter operators, helping them to achieve high availability rates. Through its Safety Partnership initiative, the company is implementing and improving safety practices and standards in close cooperation with operators and industry stakeholders.



Partnering with the Ministry of Defence has allowed Airbus Helicopters to provide UK armed forces with key capabilities on time and to cost, including the upgrade of Puma 2, the workhorse of the RAF which, with new engines, fuel tanks, digital controls and ballistic protection can fly higher, faster and further even in the most hostile and adverse environments. With 100 helicopters in service with the MoD, Airbus Helicopters is dedicated to providing UK armed forces front-line support and dedicated helicopters for operations at home and across the globe – a partnership that extends to every military helicopter pilot of the last 35 years, all of whom have trained on an Airbus Helicopters aircraft.